Tuesday, July 24, 2012

wedding -- ramesh and germaine

an overseas call from australia i received one fine morning and it's a confirmation from germaine :)  somehow, it's happy to know that my makeup recognition goes beyond singapore. hurhur~   ^.^"  i'm glad tat i manage to meet up with her a couple of months before her actual wedding day, for her trial makeup and to understand her preference for makeup, as she's one who doesn't put on any makeup at all!  the trial makeup session was so enjoyable cuz' it's so interesting to listen to her career story as a physio therapist in australia and her romantic lurve story with ramesh :)

.+"+.  actual day wedding .+"+.

the makeup starts at 5am... *wink wink* 
as there's 5 bridesmaids/sisters, a mommy and a pretty bride to makeover for!
tat's cute germaine soaked in ampoule cotton as her skin was really dry that morning.

please do not disturb - makeup in process! lol

the makeup behind the scene -- while i'm doing makeup for germaine, marie is doing makeup for the bridesmaid :)  oh, by the way marie is my another assistant!  see the pretty lady in green funky hair, tat's marie~

germaine is done as soon as the sun rises :) 
here's some nice pictures of the beautiful bride~
 hmm, i find that germaine looks like korean actress with her makeup on...
do you think so too? hurhur~

germaine is such a nice girl and i do look forward to meet up with her if she comes back to singapore for holiday :)  nevertheless, many thanks to germaine who shared her photos with us!

dearest germaine,
"wish you a blissful marriage filled with happiness and joy as you begin a new chapter of your life with ramesh." 

c a n d y  t .

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