Saturday, November 3, 2012 --- christian dior eye designer

confession - i bought christian dior's eye designer (eye makeup palette) while waiting to board my plane. yes, another eye collection. ^.^

the palette consist of eyebrow designer (cream type), gel eyeliner (black), highlighter (beige pink), base eyeshadow colour (greyish brown) and smoky eyeshadow colour (dark brown) + one bonus eyebrow tweezer and mascara

also a mini guide that teaches you how to apply. ^.*

okie, so me gonna apply using my all-time favourite technique - nude. *grin* here's my very naked eyes before and after pic :)   i like this palette so much! hurhur~ cuz' it's so easy to handle, eyeshadow colours are easy to apply and so convenient as it's an all-in-one eye palette! *wink* except for the mascara that doesn't seems to make my short lashes visible. lol

here's also a pic of myself and a very very lurvely client of mine - babara, one of the loveliest client i met along the way and had became more like a friend than just another client <3   

 so above is babara's dinner makeover using dior eye designer and for myself wearing dior eye designer as well! ^^ gonna get yours soon? :)

product rating --- 8/10
price tag --- $84

 lurves, candy t.

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