Thursday, November 8, 2012

wedding -- andrea and eirik

andrea with her beloved hubby eirik, flew back from norway to have their simple yet traditional wedding customary in singapore and im honored to be andrea's makeup artist on their very special day ^.^ 

here's some of the beautiful photos of andrea and eirik <3
photography by

andrea and i never spoke, all we ever did was communicating through emails as she was residing in norway but everything went so well.  im so touched when andrea told me that she's leaving everything to my good hands and had all the trust in me to doll her up!

and here's the grogeous andrea before the makeover :)

for her bridal makeover, i decided a give her a natural makeup as she's one that doesn't put on makeup often :) all i did was giving her a flawless complexion with a focus on her nude colour eye makeup on her enhanced double eyelids ^-^

 some of the behind the scene pics!

the sunshine bride andrea, her lurvely sis amanda and mommy are amazing people to work with <3  meeting them on the actual was even more fun than we ever thought. andrea and her whole family was so so so awesome! we simply click when we met and sharing our stories like a longtime friend... chatting about anything and everything! *nice*  looking at the photo above, you can see how much fun we had while my assistant marie and i were doing makeover for them! 

this is andrea's beautiful mommy who shared her life experience which is so priceless to me *hugs*

i took this candid picture of andrea and i cant help it but to post it... cuz' it's so cute *hehe* you must be thinking what she's doing eh?! i've no idea too. lol

another gorgeous person i met in life :)

dear andrea and eirik,
"sharing the same sky, i sent my heartfelt wishes to you both and may your future continues to be a surprises just like how you guys met and now, sharing life together as husband and wife. eirik and you are an amazing couple!  im delighted to had shared your joy on the very special day and thank you for your complimenting testimonial~"

 andrea's testimonial:

"Decided to engage Candy after reading reviews from bongqiuqiu and I am more than happy and satisfied!  Absolutely professional with her services and products but the best of it all is what a fun-loving and easy person she is.  Her assistant, Marie did an absolute fabulous job on my sister, mum and aunt.  We had such good time chatting about everything while the bridal party came in and out of the makeup room. I love that Candy didn't try to change how I look but enhanced my features to the best!  Thanks so much Candy and Marie for making us look fabulous and for such a great time! :)" - Andrea Wee

 with heaps of lurves,
c a n d y   t .

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