Tuesday, November 13, 2012

halloween 2012

this year's halloween was splendid. together with my lurvely makeup partners - marie and eva, we had a wonderful time doing makeup for zouk's staffs for the saturday 'the zouk doll house' party. working with zouk staffs?  two thumbs up.  fabulous people to work with ^.^

here's some of my halloween makeup works and i've posted some other pictures on my facebook album. 'LIKE' my facebook page if you like my work! :))

this is one of the cute staff. i made him sit still and told him not to ask what i'll do and i'll do a freestyle makeover for him. hahaha! he is soooo cute, cuz' he really sat there without asking... so cooperative! lol.

okay, i find this pic kinda hilarious! everyone was telling him that im putting 'roti prata' on his head. hurhur~ he cldn't see himself cuz i never give him mirror :p naughty me wanted to keep him in suspends hehehe

- work in progress -

oh well, completed! ^^

see! he's so cute rite~

after all the work is done, Party Time! lol. anyways, let me tel you - this is my first year attending halloween party! *cant believe it rite?* lol im not a halloween party person as im one of those people who got crowd phobia - especially Queue! *roll eyes* hahaha. so this year, all thanks to zouk for opening the door and get me in without queuing!! and... i went with my halloween-licious makeup for the party ^-^

 b i g . m o u t h . s k e l e t o n

so skeleton me party with unicorn and spider women too. lol.

alritey, here's my normal look if anyone of you are not used to my super big mouth skeleton look *grin* anyways im so glad to had a fun-filled nite with my lurvely babes! <3 i'll definitely consider gg to halloween party next yr!

- a nite with demons -
candy t.

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