Thursday, July 5, 2012

the best friend wedding ~

s t e v e . c a i y u n

im sooo happy for steve and caiyun~
as they finally tie-the-knot and walk down the aisle!

if you (my readers) realised, this is the first and only wedding blog entry :)
why...? b'cuz i wanted to save the first wedding blog entry 
as a special gift for my bestie <3

needless to say, im her personal makeup artist (mua) for the entire day!
and being the bestie's mua, we definite had more fun then ever! ^.^"

the makeup start before dawn at her lovely nest,
and i tink the 'purple hair lady' looks kinda sleepy still lol
anyways, caiyun dearie would lurve to have audrey hepburn style
for her wedding of the century...  so her wish is my command =)

the beautiful princess, waiting for her prince steve to arrive ;)
i felt that she look so sweet and demure on that special day..
maybe tat's b'cuz i've nv seen the the quiet side of her? *lol*
caiyun is so blessed as her other besties from all over the world 
flew here specially to attend her wedding. so sweet right?!
they planned the gatecrash games and prepare all the stuffs~
hmm, talk about gatecrash...
here's some appetizer for your eye pleasure :)

g a t e c r a s h . o n e
 menu of the day - sweet, sour, bitter, spicy.
the dish served looked so nice rite?! but i bet u wldn't want to taste it. 
you saw the green chunk? wasabi. lol

g a t e c r a s h . t w o
 flexibility test - yoga
passable. but they looked kinda funny in this pic. lol

g a t e c r a s h . t h r e e
 mtv video - nobody
i think steve will cut my neck off if he sees this pic... lol
"steve, i really don't wish to post this photo but i think 
you guys looked kinda sexy and cute!
and... i find that my blonde wig fits you to a tee~" *muahaha*

the morning session was heaps of fun~
as you can see, the gatecrash is kinda hilarious *hehe*
gatecrash and all was so meticulously planned but im not one of the planner. lol.
i was told to take care of the one and only important thing... hurhur
- making the bride the most beautiful :)
anyways, let me 'formally' introduce the fun-loving bestman and bridesmaids

t h e . r e d b o w . b e s t - m a n

t h e . p r i n c e s s . b r i d e s m a i d s

caiyun looking so pretty in chinese traditional wedding gown - kua!

t h e . s o l e m n i s a t i o n

caiyun at the solemnisation ceremony, walking down the aisle...
 the princess, she's so lurvely~

that's me helping handsome steve with his hair and corsage :)
*cant get over the blonde hair image in mind. lol*

steve and caiyun officially first march-in as
husband and wife :) 
ehemm, take a second look at her hand bouquet... fully swaroski!!
im sure caiyun will gladly receive it in full diamonds at their anniversary. lol
*wink eyes to steve*

steve is so romantic... he even sang her a lurve song on stage...
even with his voice trembling, the sincerity and touching lyrics
melts caiyun's heart~ and the guests' too.
just for cy,
"congrats dear, finally you had decided to spent the rest of your life with someone who is your best friend, partner and soulmate. i wish you a blissful marriage filled with happiness and laughter. do enjoy every single bits of married life! hugs!"

lurves, candy t.


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