Friday, November 16, 2012

m a k e o v e r . the before and after

if you all had read on my previous post: ugly women or lazy ones, you wld know that i believe there's no lazy women in the world, only lazy ones. hurhur~ it's a naturally part of me as a makeup artiste who wants to bring out the beauty of every individual <3  here's some pretty before and after pics to share, and hope somehow will inspire everyone to doll up yourself everyday... regardless lady or gentlemen  :)

the world of beauty is not impossible, it's how much effort you would put in to make yourself look better. makeup is not necessary exaggeration but somehow be able to enhance your feature and making you look more gorgeous ^.^  

well, if you can begin to understand this phrase 'makeup does wonders'... you'll definitely agree with me that a crazy makeup artist like me will lurve to do extreme makeovers... like this :)  super modify the eyebrows, contouring the face, converting single-eyelid to a double-eye and enhance the size of eyes at least 10x!

hope you like this post! oh, btw due to overwhelming request, i'll try to conduct one or two makeover workshop in dec' so keep a lookout for the details -- i'll post the workshop details once im able to squeeze some dates from my packed-packed schedule!  <3

your makeover bestie,
c a n d y   t .

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