Saturday, December 15, 2012

- retail therapy xoxo -

this year's november and december went haywire *_*  oh yes, tiring but i definitely had a rollin' good time with my pretty clients! took a little time-off to get some retail therapy while i can. hurhur~ shopping not like what u thot! i went to some old-school shopping center *winkwink* im surprised to find some good stuffs and had learned to be a little wiser too :)

one of my favourite food place to have my bowl of poon nah mee hoon kuay located at level five! im suppose to meet one of my buddy for lunch but she's late... so i went shopping at city plaza by myself  =\ good news and bad news. 
good news = i bought two shorts @ $15 each [wat a steal!]
bad news = i bought a vest @ $43 one piece [wat a cabbage-head 菜头! zZZzz]
 okay, obviously im not a shopping specialist at city plaza. accordingly to my buddy (who owns a shop there), analyzed that i've been 'ripped' and i totally agree. *faints* the strange thing is, i do find the vest expensive but i've no idea why i still pay for it... *slap me* anyways, i really like the vest but still, heartache T.T  so friends, now you know - be smart when you shopped at city plaza =)  wisdom from my buddy, she said 'city plaza is the place you buy nice reasonably priced stuffs'. *rolleyes* maybe tat's the reason why i only shop at her place!!!! cuz ' i never had to worry abt the quality of the clothes tagged with reasonable price and served by many eye-candy babes in the shop~~ hurhur! oh, btw my buddy shop is at level four shop name LUELA.
okay, thank you for reading my complaint. now, least there's something im happy to share with >> e y e l a s h . e x t e n s i o n!! to some of you, it might be the hundred time u're doing it... but it's the FIRST time for me!! hmm... so i finally did my eyelash extension while waiting for my buddy ^.^

i did a quick google search for the recommended shop and was directed to angelxin but in the end i choose de perfect beauty. why? i spoke to both shops, seems like de perfect staffs were friendlier and were more willing to explain in better details :) yup, i agree tat i was a little worried cuz' some of my friends told me tat most of my own eyelashes will come off together with the fake ones when the fake ones drop... omg, mine is like so short and 'botak' already, can't imagine if more of it comes off still. *faints*

oh, this lady did my extension and she's damn pro. she did the entire extension like in 35mins. she's skilled, friendly, nice and patience tested [i kept asking, she always replied with a smile]. eh... but i dun rem her name. x_x  
oh well, im very pleased with my eyelash extensions! after the extension, the fake eyelashes seems quite natural (she mentioned that she used single lashes extension). now i can even skip my daily eyeliner :)  see my eyes after extension, no eyeliner needed!

service rating --- 8/10
price tag --- $60
 im gonna see how my eyelash extension be like one week later! hurhur (-'o'-) 

this shop located at katong shopping center level one unit sells cool wedding stuffs such as betrothal gift exchange items (过大礼) *interesting* cuz' im quite surprised that the 'vintage' shopping center had such established wedding shop ^o^ nice floral hand bouquet, fanciful angbaos, bridesmaid wrist-band, all sorts of wedding decorative items and even wedding gown rental~

im always keen of these little shops that have everything a bride need conveniently gathered at one shop... there's so many things to explore till u drop!!
here's their website if you're interested =)

[ m a n i c u r e ]
oh well, not forgetting a manicure treat at basement one manicure shop =p cant rem the name of the shop hurhur~ but you can find it quite easily, the shop has got a eyebrow embroidery service too :)  the place is clean and hygiene - im a cleanliness freak lol.

whilst a normal opi manicure and pedicure will cost S$50, i did a gelish manicure with nailart + mud scrub spa for my tired hands ^.^ hurhur pampering myself a little eh!


ta~dang~~ here's my gelish done ^.^ not my usual style but i quite like this leopard print manicure with a little diamonde <3

service rating --- 7/10
price tag --- $90
friendly staffs and nice work done! not the cheap price tag that im expecting thou' but the work and service matches the tag (",)
here's the boss mobile contact if you wld like to book an appt~ :)
k e l l y  > >  9 0 0 8 0 3 6 6

[ s h o p p i n g ] 

replenished my bottle of la prairie eye complex. this is one of the best eye essence i ever tried. i used to have quite serious fine lines at under eyes, now the fine lines are much reduced. a little pricey but worth it all.

product rating --- 9/10
price tag --- $169

tried a new product mummy bought from korea - nuganic 0two bubble foam. the super foam cleanses quite thoroughly yet gentle on face, leaving no trace of makeup. nice.

product rating --- 7/10
price tag --- unknown

 cant resist mac limited edition brushes again!

product rating --- 7/10
price tag --- $87

enjoy the seasons of greetings and lurves~

<3 candy t.

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