Monday, January 7, 2013

reminisce 2012
happy new year to all of you and may this year brings you awesome wealth & pinkest health! xoxo ^.^  the year seems past like a wink... i had a wonderful 2012 doing makeup, meeting people, sharing joy, feasting, golfing and partying hurhur~ and i hope the same goes for you pretty people too! :) my makeup career had brought me much joy and meeting beautiful people is the best gift i receive during my makeup career.  i wanna say a big Thank You to every one of you *hugs* and Thank You for those thank-you sms, little thank-you note & card, token of appreciate, even gifts... and the many clients who became my friend along the way! here's some of the wonderful moments at the last few days of 2012!  

c h e r y l a n   &   f a m i l y
 it was a makeover session with cherylan and her family, attending a kin's wedding. the first moment we met and introduce ourselves for the first time, they treated my assistant and me with delicious cupcakes! so sweet of them!!

 as a point of view from a cupcake fan - i say it's yummy~licious!
the pretty cupcake is baked by cherylan's sis, a very young baker also the owner of fiveonedegrees click >

c h e r y l a n   &  f a m i l y ' s   m a k e o v e r

hehe if you had been looking up at my facebook page, you should know that nowadays im so overdose with braids! lol so i did a romantic soft braids with curls for cherylan~

cherylan's lovely beep to my mobile:"Candy!!! Thanks so much for the makeup and hair ytd! Everyone love their look! My entire makeup and hair lasted the entire night and still looked good. Thank you so much!" 

dear cherylan and karylan,
"you girls such a lurvely person, even beautiful from within. may 2013 brings you surprises and your career to a greater heights!!!  it was so fun meeting you girls & thank you for your complimenting message :) it was one of the best message i received, days before 2013 arrives! "  

- - - c h r i s t m a s . with . l u r v e s - - -

as many of you would know and seem marie, she's my chameleon makeup assistant but to me, she's more like my little sister :)  most of the time during my major events you'll see her with me. so far, marie had been doing a great job & yes, im so blessed to have such a good assistant~ xoxo

surprise christmas gift from marie <3 c.dior

jill stuart xmas gift from bestie, jane <3

the cute kitty manicure~
not forgetting to doll up my nails hurhur... been to so many other nail room still preferred gardenails cuz' their service still the best! checkout their facebook page <click.

 c h r i s t m a s  . e v e ' s  . p h o t o g r a p h y
an adhoc photography + videography session with my gf celest :) picture taken by my but still looking good eh! hurhur~

 f r i e n d s h i p . p h o t o g r a p h y
this photography session is arranged by my hubi's polymate and the reason is to celebrate their a decade of friendship... soooo sweet rite! not a decade that i known them but at least half a decade too! ^.^

c r e a t i v e . m a k e o v e r
the last makeup assignment of the year :) thank you acro polates for engaging me as their preferred makeup artist! you babes are awesome performers and friends~

there's so much more things i would lurve to share with you but the happy things tat's been happening around me are endless to post! *wink wink* 
last but not least, splendid!!

"you'll receive the most when you expect the least."
- candy t.

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