Thursday, July 26, 2012

makeover evie -- who lovecrazylittlethings

i met evie in 2011, when she engaged me for her solemnisation makeover :)  ever since then, she became a regular client of mine and i've makeover for her thrice on different occasions and of course, i do look forward to her actual day wedding!

evie is a very sweet lady with very positive personality~ happy-go-lucky gal. evie is so sweet that she even wrote a personalised thank-you card for me, which i mentioned in my previous post "sweet surprise"...

not just evie, i became her bffs' preferred makeup artist too :) *hurhur*
so i was invited to do makeovers for all the bridesmaids during her bff's wedding - im definitely more than happy to be their MUA and catch up with evie and her lovely group of bffs!


haha, tat's me work-in-progress and behind me is my assistant jude~
nonetheless, the pretty bridesmaids :)

so, not only bffs, her lovely sis became my client too :))
once again, i did another makeover for evie and her sis during her eldest sis's wedding!

like her bubbly and little-crazy character, she's the owner of lovecrazylittlethings.
i lurve all the cutesy nice stuffs lovecrazylittlethings do for weddings! i'm sure you do too!

thou' i cant get her to do for wedding already... *i wish not too since im already married. lol* but i'll still get her to do for my children's parties, house-party etc. cuz' candy lurves cutesy party!!

bride-to-be, go find out more from their website!

lurves, candy t. <3

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