Monday, July 30, 2012 --- maybelline smudge-proof mascara

yesterday i went watsons today to buy wet wipes for my little gal and conveniently i took a peep as i walk past maybelline's makeup display counter... guess what i found? --- maybelline's smudge proof mascara selling at $10.70 oh-la-la~ wat a steal! moreover i saw it's last day of offer, so don't give chance - BUY! lol

previously i tried maybelline's waterproof falsies volume express and i like it. so i thot well, just give this smudge-proof mascara a try since it's only 10 bucks! ^.^ and im glad i did~

slimmer version amongst their range of mascaras.

the brush is easy to apply, manage to do it from the very bottom of my lash all the way up.  it give volume to my very short lashes *hurhur* but did not lengthen it much thou'. i manage to see my lashes appear after applying one layer to my ultimate short lash! long lashes ladies will even lurve it eh. :)

oh, im most pleased with the makeup removing part cuz' my daily waterproof mascara occasionally leaves black stain on my under-eye after wash... somehow, smudge-proof mascara doesn't seems to have tis problem!

overall product rating --- 7/10

your guinea pig  o.O
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