Tuesday, November 26, 2013

fun shoot at vintage house

hey peeps, been awhile since i last blogged! 
i've so many stuffs to share with you but has got so little time to blog all abt it >.< past few months had been soooooo busy, halloween, weddings and weddings, events and events! been waiting for my pretty brides to share the pics with me too ^.^ will update the rest as soon as i can alritey! *hehee*

thou' work is busy, it's definitely rewarding~ working with fun-loving people and enjoying every bits of it!  not too long ago, i had photoshoot makeover with daniel photographing two fabulous japanese models - saorii and sotaroo... as usual, we had so much fun! 
here's some pics for your eye pleasure :)

s a o r i i

 s o t a r o o

beside great time working with my photography buddy daniel, both saorii and sotaroo are so easy to work too~ humble, nice and jovial. saorii being charismatic and friendly while sotaroo cracks real funny jokes lol. can't wait till i'll be in japan to meet up with them again soon!

 not forgetting, thanks daniel ho for sharing the photos and vintage venue @littleoldegallery

your makeup artist,
candy t.

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