Friday, January 10, 2014


 hello beautiful ones~ HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014! あけましておめでとうございます! wishing u a splendid ahead and may the beginning of new year brings everyone pinkest health, plentiful wealth with loads of goooooooooood luck!! bidding goodbye to 2013, im thankful that my makeup career had been an awesome joyride, this journey is incredibly amazing because of gorgeous people like you :) thanks to the many of you for the sweet surprises and friendship along the way... thank you for leaving footprints to my insane life. most importantly, great thanks to my family, my lurve ones for being there for me always! <3
 a big THANK YOU to everyone of u!! 

no doubts, no posting on dec as nov-dec was absolutely crazy ^.*  sharing the season of joy with my family, besties, friends and brides! <3  so here's glimpse of the few splendid moments of my gorgeous makeup life in the fabulous 2013. 

[  b r i d a l . m a k e o v e r  ]

adriel & corrine

david & claire

estée & ben

celestal & junquan
 "many thanks to all the brides in 2013 who given me the grace
to share their wedding joy as their makeup artist <3 wishing you the best everafter"

[  e v e n t . m a k e o v e r  ] 
[ studio ] the photoshoot makeover for the amazing nate tao together with the awesome ophotographer matey daniel ho and sam ^o^ somehow, we always turn the studio into playhouse!

[ event ] makeover for celebrity ong shu-an at toni & guys event. yet another gorgeously humble and friendly artist to work with... she's a beautiful artist, inside out.

[ event ] sk2 annual award gala makeover for the global top achiever from sk2 internationally
  [ sponsored ] an event for KKH that i will rem for life - makeover for moms of inpatient children. that's one and only time i had to halt my brush to wipe my tears in washroom as the mom tear while closing her eye to have her makeup done. another moment forever. i pray for the beautiful children to recover from the illness and eternal strength for the great moms, with lurves.

last but not least, my 2013 finale assignment with 
both my makeup besties - marie and eva!
*feeling awesome*

[  t r a v e l  ]
 as usual, a year-end-trip to reward myself *grin* this yr end trip, together with my mateys, we to nha trang (vietnam) for leisure and golf! totally awesome trip! some sneak preview of the beach and the golf course ^.^ will blog about the whole trip in another post, keep ur eyes on my snail post~lol

[  r a n d o m n e s s  ]
brought my honeybees to east coast park for a bike ride and saw this interesting iconic sign at the beach which i never knew the existence. as for the guy, juz pure coincident he posed for his own camera when i took the pic, epic lol.

[  c h r i s t  m a s   p a r t y  ]
  every year's christmas is filled with lurve and sharing joy, tis yr is no exception :) so many pressies ive gotten, only one-quart of the pressies {pic below} was mine/ lol three-quarts are for my honeybees <3  well, many more not posted in the pics too. thanks to my besties who always surprise and spoil pamper my honeybees~ <3

finally, a fabulous end to 2013 and a splendid way to begin 2014~~
here's my lil ones going school together for the first time!!

wishing you a blessed, 
prosperous and happy lunar year,
candy t.

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