Friday, October 30, 2015

10 Wedding Do’s and Don’ts

Take a step each time, stay calm and keep the bridezilla away~  

#1    DO share everything with your partner

Many times we are so focused on the bride that we forget that the groom is one of the stars for the wedding too! Do take time to understand his preferences and get him involved in the planning and decision making process. To ensure that he looks his best on the big day, bring him to a reputable brow artisan to shape up those brows, invite him to join you for a facial treatment or even pamper him with a couple's spa retreat.

Wenjie + Jaslyn, Photo by OneEyeClick

#2    DO book your makeup artist months ahead

Given the importance of your wedding, it is always wise to plan and book early to avoid any hiccups. Makeup Artists with proven records are often booked as early as a year in advance, especially for “auspicious” dates. When deciding on a makeup artist who works the best for you, take time to look through their portfolios, find out about the services and packages they offer and read reviews and testimonials to know what others think of their style and skill. Once you are confident that you have formed an educated opinion, it is always good to go for a trial session to verify your choice before the wedding.

Don’t be shy to get in touch with the Makeup Artist to clear any doubts.

Huiting + Lih Pin, Photo by Chris, LightedPixels Pixies

#3    DO prepare yourself the night before and in the morning

Two words, Rest and Hydrate.
The night before your wedding, after showering and blow drying, hydrate your skin with your usual facial mask, drink more water and sleep early. Nothing beats a bride with glowing, radiant skin. You’ll be surprised how much magic ample rest and water can do for your skin overnight. For the makeup session in the morning, wear a button-top/wide-neck shirt with a strapless bra (or consider going braless if you have chosen a backless gown). Allow time for a quick breakfast and entrust your mobile phone to your bridesmaid before the session starts. All you have to do after that is to sit back and allow the artist to do her magic.

Paul + Cheryl, Photo by Kelvin Koh, LightedPixels Photography 

#4    DO have a checklist

There are a thousand and one things to keep track of and prepare for a wedding. Therefore, it is prudent to make a checklist of the things you need to do and those you want to do. If you are worried that you do not have the time to take care of every single detail for the wedding, consider hiring a wedding planner to handle the preparation based on your needs and preferences. 

Remember that a happy bride is a pretty bride!

Junyuan + Weiling, Photo by OneEyeClick Live

#5   DO your gown research early

There are many bridal studios in the market with a varying range of gowns and services. It is important to take time to choose a bridal studio that you are comfortable with, both in terms of price and service.  Read tips from experts.

Always arrange for gown fittings with more than one studio to get an idea of the designs that compliment your body and also to review their service quality.  Do this well ahead of time so that if you can’t find a gown that you love, you will have time to opt for a bespoke gown!

Kevin + Candy, Gown from Vera Wang, Tiara Bridal
Photo by Kelvin Koh, LightedPixels Photography

#6    Don’t fancy a style that doesn’t suit you

Looking at the current K-pop hype, some brides-to-be may think it is a good idea to replicate that “thick eyeliner and deep-dark smokey eyes” look for their wedding day.  Firstly, most pictures you see on the internet are extensively Photoshopped. Secondly, unless you are having a K-pop or Goth themed wedding, you probably would not want to go for an excessively made up look for your big day.

A natural looking makeup which enhances your features is the most ideal makeup for the wedding day. You want the make up to bring out your beauty, not cover it.  The same goes for the hairstyle. While it’s nice for bride wearing a gorgeous gown to let her luscious curls down, it wouldn’t work that well if you are going to ride in a convertible throughout the wedding proceedings.

Discuss with your makeup artist on the look your want to achieve and also let her know if you are going to be outdoors for prolonged periods. Always be open to professional advice and suggestions. After all, she was the one you picked after extensive research right?

Huiting + Lih Pin, Photo by Chris, LightedPixels Pixies

#7    Don’t fret over every little detail

On your wedding day, your only task is to get married merrily! Pass the reins over to your entourage once you have settled on the overall plan. Choose a trusted entourage, discuss your schedule and plans, and trust them to help you with the rest. Keep in mind that plans are just plans and anything can happen on a wedding day. So just relax, be merry and get married.

Kesavan + Melissa, Photo by Bespoke Brides Read Full Feature at

Daniel + Miriam, Photo by Kelvin Koh, LightedPixels Photography 

#8    Don’t overambitious with the schedule

On your wedding day, factor in possible delays in the schedule and try not to be unrealistic about squeezing in too many non-essential events for the day. In case of any delays, you will appreciate the extra 30mins for everything to run smoothly. After all, it’s your wedding day and you would want to enjoy every moment rather than stress over timekeeping.

#9    Don’t skimp on services

Although cost is a major factor for most couples, do not risk engaging unreliable services for your big day.

Professional and quality service makes a big difference on your wedding day. Can you imagine if just one service provider didn’t turn up on that day and there’s no back-up plan? Whether it is the wedding planner, photographer, makeup artist or emcee, top-notch professionals often cost more than budget set ups that promise you everything at too good to be true prices. When it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

So decide on a realistic budget, do your research, understand what you are paying for and pick a reliable team for your big day.

Ian + Celeste, Photo by Sherman Ho, Mosiac Studio

#10    Don’t be too adventurous on trying new products

Always stick to the skin care routine and products that have served you well, especially 6 months prior to your wedding day. Exploring new products during this period is not advisable as you do not know how your skin will react, risking serious break outs or worse. Always keep your skin hydrated and protected against harmful UV rays in sunny Singapore. On the same note, try not to stay in the sun for prolonged periods to avoid unsightly tan lines!

Kevin + Candy, Gown from Vera Wang, Tiara Bridal
Photo by Kelvin Koh, LightedPixels Photography

"Ultimately, a wedding is a joyous occasion and the most special day in your life. So, the most important thing to keep in mind - Be happy."

yours truly,
candy t.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

brand new year 2 0 1 5

dear friends, thank you for the wonderful! 
it had been amazing cuz' u had been part of it.  im thankful for everyone and my lurve ones be in their pinkest health, 2014 had been full of laughter and happy memories. thank you for everyone of u who wished my family and me well~ i truely appreciate the thots :)  candy wishes you a better year in 2015, may you be showered with happiness, pinkest health and prosperous wealth! 

nonetheless, a big THANK YOU to all the brides... for sharing their blissful moments with me on their wedding day~ indeed, im very honored to be your wedding makeup artist and thank you very much for sharing your joy with me, permitted my footprint in ur life story, appreciating my work and effort, sending me sweetest thank you card & gift, and above all, ur faith in me. thank you for the beautiful memoir, it's definitely priceless.

~sharing my beautiful brides of :)

"to everyone who's reading this post, thank you for walking along with me... ive enjoyed your company, truly. "

thoughts and lurves heaps,
candy t.

Monday, November 10, 2014

{ wedding moment } junquan + celestal

J + C is the perfect couple, the perfect reunion. junquan and celestal dated since poly time and after a decade of dating, celestal finally said YES! beautiful and demure yet she's noting close to a tamed girlfriend lol she's one tough lady, she scuba dived, mounted the tibet mountain even explored the wildlife of south africa. two thumbs up for her.  though i may not had known celestal for a very long time, not only she looks beautiful, she seems to me a person with good values, strong principle, witty and outgoing. a total compliment to junquan, man of achievement and a perfectionist.

their morning gatecrashing is one unique theme - construction workers. both junquan and celestal worked in construction industry...  and entourage and bridesmaids are indeed very adventurous!
probably one of the most interesting gatecrashing i've seen.

saw the cane? definitely not a very easy task for gatecrashing hahaha.

junquan made it anyways!

they had a photography session at a construction site... awesome!

 dearest junquan and celestal,
"this may be a long overdue post but good marriage last forever and y post is never too late?! hehe.  here i would thank you for always entrusting your makeup to me!  every session is definitely more than just a makeover session, it's a joy catching up like good old friends and im glad to share your happy moments. junquan and you are an awesome pair! need not to say much cuz' you guys rocks. stay fabulous and adventurous! xoxo"

candy t.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

{ wedding moment } michael + alicia

His + Her |; celebrating the reunion of michael and alicia.

michael and alicia, the young couple celebrated their solemnisation at november 8 cafe - an intimate affair with family and friends. certainly, im more than delighted to be invited to witness and share their unforgettable moments <3

the venue's wedding decor was very beautifully done up by alicia, im pretty impressed by her creative ideas~ from the art&crafts guest reception (guests get to make personalised blessing cards for the couple), to the specially made ring-pillow and even a hash-tag #micxciawedding

so let us take selfie!

alicia's makeover was done at november 8 cafe, although there ain't proper table setting for the makeover we still managed to do the makeover with no fuss! alicia had a makeover trial with me prior to her actual day event as she has eczema skin condition, im so glad my product didn't aggravate her skin! to alicia's preference, i gave her a natural makeup with flawless glowing skin and earth tone eye colour, complimenting hairstyling - waterfall braid with curls. 
doesn't she juz shine?

Mr. & Mrs. Wong

and finally... the kiss! 

 dearest michael and alicia,
"congrats once again to you~ thank you for engaging me as your makeup artist and showing your appreciation for my work, im truly honored. alicia, you're one of the youngest bride i made up for yet contrary to your age, you are a sensible, mature-thinking and down-to-earth person. im sure you'll make a good wife and in future, a good mother. my heartfelt wishes to michael and you, may all things good come your way and above all, everlasting lurve."

heaps of blessings,
candy t.