Monday, November 10, 2014

{ wedding moment } junquan + celestal

J + C is the perfect couple, the perfect reunion. junquan and celestal dated since poly time and after a decade of dating, celestal finally said YES! beautiful and demure yet she's noting close to a tamed girlfriend lol she's one tough lady, she scuba dived, mounted the tibet mountain even explored the wildlife of south africa. two thumbs up for her.  though i may not had known celestal for a very long time, not only she looks beautiful, she seems to me a person with good values, strong principle, witty and outgoing. a total compliment to junquan, man of achievement and a perfectionist.

their morning gatecrashing is one unique theme - construction workers. both junquan and celestal worked in construction industry...  and entourage and bridesmaids are indeed very adventurous!
probably one of the most interesting gatecrashing i've seen.

saw the cane? definitely not a very easy task for gatecrashing hahaha.

junquan made it anyways!

they had a photography session at a construction site... awesome!

 dearest junquan and celestal,
"this may be a long overdue post but good marriage last forever and y post is never too late?! hehe.  here i would thank you for always entrusting your makeup to me!  every session is definitely more than just a makeover session, it's a joy catching up like good old friends and im glad to share your happy moments. junquan and you are an awesome pair! need not to say much cuz' you guys rocks. stay fabulous and adventurous! xoxo"

candy t.

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