Tuesday, March 20, 2012

ugly women or lazy ones?

"there are no ugly women in the world, 
only lazy ones" ~ coco chanel

i couldn't agree more. it makes me think about how many times i left home without makeup on.
hmm... i must confess, there are indeed days when i wake up feeling totally lazy or in a super rush... i'll simply skip my daily multiple makeup works and only had my basic done.
basic = bb cream, press powder, blusher, eyeliner and eyebrow. 

ahem, definitely no phototaking on that very day. lol

well, makeup does a lot of justice to many woman, 
that's provided you do it the correct way. hurhur~ no joke!
so what about you? left home without any makeup today?

hope u get some light after seeing 3 good examples
of pretty my clients' before and after my makeover done.
like coco's saying, 
"there are no ugly women in the world, only lazy ones"

here's zoelyn, a pretty mummy of one baby gal.
 zoelyn is attending her very own brother's wedding 
and below is her before pic...

 i did an alteration to her eyes to make the double eyelids appear,
conceal her dark eye ring and  a makeup to enhance her droopy eyes.
below is zoelyn after the makeover, 
i think she looks like a japanese doll ;)

here's another sweetie, bell ~ a pretty air-stewardess without air
bell is attending her own dearest sister's wedding
i lurve the way bell's family interact with one another...
totally no generation gap at all! hurhur~

below is bell without makeup... 
and i forgotten to take her sis, eeling's before pic :(

for bell, i gave her feature highlights to conceal her eyebag, 
bridge her nose and enhance her eyes with smokey eye makeup :)
below is bell and sis after my makeover!

lastly, mrs siow, a lurvely grandma
 she's getting a superstar makeover as her son's is getting married!
you gonna agree, beauty is without boundary *^.^
below is mrs siow without makeup and u gotta agree, she looks good for her age.

for mrs siow, im giving her a perfect concealing for 
her under-eye pigmentation, even out skin tone
and a very natural makeup for her.
so this is her, 60+ and still so beautiful!

 i wonder will you decide to be a lazy women or pretty ones from now on?

with lurves,
candy t.

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