Saturday, October 20, 2012

lady gaga 25lbs weight gain

Lady Gaga "The Born This Way Ball"
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have you been reading articles about lady gaga's recent 25lbs weight gain?  i read, im shocked.  i still can recall when i last saw her in person at her concert held in May...  she was petite, fat-less and gorgeously dressed in her hot creative costume.  it's only 5 months, she added 25lbs (almost 12kgs) to her petite body BUT she's not ashamed at all towards the fact about her drastic weight gain. in fact, she embrace her curves. i truly admires her courage for stirring trend controversy :)

she confessed: when she was only 15, she was once a victim of bulimia and anorexic. with a beautiful heart, lady gaga encourage the young generation to lurve and value themselves, getting out of self-loathing and destructive diet habits, through gaga's motto: Born This Way. *impressive*   probably, this is also the reason she explained why she embrace her curves and defy the critics despite the constant medias' demeaning writeup revolving around her. 

if you say lady gaga is daring, i would say she's Brave. lady gaga flaunted her plus size figure with confidence during her world tour concert. lady gaga did this as a celebrity, i wouldn't even have the courage to do that as a commoner. will you?

 "To all the girls that think you're ugly because you're not a size 0, you're the beautiful one. It is society who's ugly," 
 [Lady Gaga posted on her Twitter account]

lurves, candy t.

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