Wednesday, October 17, 2012

random thots --- value of service

have a very random thot today while surfing and a sudden urge to share some of my two cents worth. i bumped into Pine Garden's Cake FB Page and saw a very interesting feedback comment posted on the page that invited 61 comments within 4 hours. click on the pic to view the link :)

Apparently, there are people involved with heated arguments over whether or not a reputable cake shop should charge a candle for 30cents when a customer bought a slice of black forest cake @ $2.50 for her daughter birthday.  *full of question marks*

people exchange personal opinions with much sarcasm over a 17cents worth of candle (according to the person who made the posted the comment) vs a cake shop that sells the candle for 30cents with the $2.50 black forest cake. omg. 30cents really matters so much? some commented that the cake shop should provide the candle for free since they buy the cake while some thinks that it's fair for the cake shop to charge since the cake is already so cheap.  well, what's your take? 

hmm... probably the cake shop should revised the price of the slice of cake to $2.80 so whether or not people request for the candle it had the factor the candle cost in. but there again, i believe people will still comment on FB and complain that the reputable cake shop is gonna rise their price for more profit gain than to benefit the neighbourhood with nice cakes and bakery, isnt it? 

hurhur... so hard to please everyone, or maybe it's just human. 
  has it occurs to you that you met something unpleasant or someone who had provide a service which you tink is unacceptable and made a complain because of personal dissatisfaction and not judging the scenario pragmatically?  i guess most of us do.

okay, let me share an 'interesting' incident of mine that happened quite awhile ago.  a client of mine sent an enquiry email requesting for my bridal quotation, i replied with my quotation as usual.  unexpectedly, i received a nastily replied email with me cc. in it and started a nonsensical 'email war'.  didn't wanna share this silly and unpleasant incident initially but well, here it is  -.* 

it all started with a simple email enquiry >>

then i received a totally unexpected email...

quite obvious, this client's sister replied 'to all' including me in the loop. great.
she's probably pinching on my transportation surcharge which i stated in my quotation "transportation surcharge applicable for bridal makeup starts before 8am $50, before 6am $80." so her remarks: "Rubbish, transportation 50$??? Take cab from jb?"

not sure if she is a singaporean but from her tone of doubt, i presume she doesnt know the cabby rate in singapore, especially during peak hours. furthermore, the bride had a choice to start makeup after 8am to avoid the surcharge. anyways, i replied my honest view with a joking tone.

then, i received a polite personal email from the bride-to-be which i thot that was a nice gesture and least she has got manners.  of course, i replied with greetings too :)

i seriously thot this email will end the story. THEN out of the blue, i was bombarded with a shocking email by this person named roberto who claimed that he is the groom - i had doubts... cuz' he used the same lady's email account to reply.  according to what i saw in the email sending list, hilariously, it was being sent to many people (not involved in the conversation at all). so, it seems like this client wants the world to know how unhappy he was towards my reply.

if you had read the email, im sure you will grin the same way i did. totally absurd.  
he emphasized i stressed the bride -- i greeted her with a smile in all my email replies.  
he mentioned i was arrogant, probably b'cuz i replied the first email ending with "lol. cheers." -- i guess he is expecting me to agree with him that taking a cab from jb to and fro will only cost $50? funny.
i was the one who received the very first impolite email from the sis-in-law and he emphasized that i shouldn't replied the way i did to a prospective client (who didn't give a dime respect to me in the first place). 
fantastic. please, tell me im in the wrong.

oh the best part, i googled "RPTelecom Ltd" which he signed off. there's no such listed company. 

anyways, i reply with an open heart and if they are sane enough to see the picture, they will realised it's time to grow up and stop making these silly remarks and embarrass themselves further.  kindness begets kindness - i truly thought, i only replied to the one person despite the long long list that they cc. to. 

again, i thought it will end as i believe there are more important things for them to prepare for their wedding than mindful over petty emails they sent. i sincerely wished them a blissful and blessed marriage. BUT i still received a senseless reply which i nearly fell off my chair while reading it.

he gave me a new name - CINDY.
im not sure if $50 transportation surcharge is way too expensive and ridiculous in general opinion. i definitely welcome anyone to share your precious point of view.
lastly, im speechless when he actually write "God has nothing to do with this conversation."

if only everyone be a little nicer to each other, the world will become a much beautiful place.
candy t.


  1. These ppl are ridiculous.. tot they are a level higher than us, they can say us, but we cannot say them.

  2. hello chipsjane :) well said! thou' not everyone thinks alike but if everyone gives a little more effort to be nice, we'll have a more pleasant environment to live in! let's start making the world a better place <3

  3. Hey beautiful, im glad u didnt attract them. Because u only attract beautiful people into your life.
    We are in such a beautiful world.