Tuesday, October 1, 2013

a best friend wedding ~ ian and celest

it's a joy to when your bestie tells you she's getting married~
and the word joy - is an understatement.

im overwhelmed with happiness when this gorgeous bestie of mine (celest aka. caiyan) called to invite me to her wedding and asked if i can be her makeup artist for her solemnisation. of course, gladly i agreed without hesitation! it makes her day even special to me, being my bestie's makeup artist on her wedding day means not just sharing her joy, but being able to doll her up to be the prettiest bride ever!  <3

dolling my gorgeous matey aint the toughest job as she's a beauty even without makeup. however, she's one that cant keep her butt on the chair... that's tough! *lol* looking at the pics below u can definitely tel that we had so much fun during the makeover session ^.^

see how cheeky she is!!

i simply lurve tis pic soooo much!  there's an old saying: "picture speaks a thousand words" yes so true, this pic speaks for itself. many thanks to the genius photographer sherman ho owner of mosiac studio

finally, the pretty bride is ready for her solemnisation <3


l . o . v . e

 seeing them exchanging the vow with laughter makes me feel so happy for my girlfriend, that she had settle down with someone whom is more than a husband to her, someone who is her best friend, one who will always make her laugh and stand by her ever...

dearest ian and caiyan

"may you cherish every moment as you walk together as husband and wife, embracing the future filled with splendid surprises.  continuing to share the amazing bond you had as best friend, soul mate and partner, im sure your lurve will be everlasting... 

dearie caiyan: babe, i definitely miss days when we chat under the stars, laughter over coffee and random breakfast date together with my mini rascals. thou' u're miles apart, im sure we'll share the same smile thru the stars. miz ya tons~ xoxo

 lurves and blessings,
candy t.

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