Monday, July 1, 2013

wedding --- aaron and cherilyn

aaron and cherilyn
congrats to this beautiful couple <3
cherilyn is a primary school teacher living to her name, she's one of the nice and demure bride indeed :) cherilyn together with aaron, as they embarked a new chapter of life as husband and wife, in the name of christ. they had a beautiful wedding walking down the aisle in church... so romantic~ 
of course, im delighted to be her makeup artist on her special day.

here's a picture of cherilyn 'before' photo :)

and here's the bride after makeover <3

more beautiful pictures of the couple follows, 
photography by daniel ho

dear aaron and cherilyn,
"congrats once again :) may the present and future brings you both love, trust, understanding and care as you walk beautifully together as husband and wife in the name blessed by christ."

 lurve heaps,
candy t.


  1. Sweet Couple!! Bride looks stunning!! Shez is flawless and gorgeous :)

  2. thanks for complimenting, mirela :)