Saturday, May 10, 2014

{ random thots } story of a makeup artist

like any other white collar, i spent a decade of my life working as a marketer, most of my time was spent meeting kpi, sometimes the inevitable traveling and mostly soliciting the business network.  undeniably, my work nature was pretty interesting but at the same time workload was overwhelming and managing people makes the job even tougher. in the end, i worked more than i sleep thus i concluded: im married to my work. little time spent with my kid made me felt lousy.

 every paycheck, every dividend, sort of made slogging myself seems worth it.

it didnt hit me, at least not hard enough, until i lost my beloved brother in a fatal sea accident. the event was traumatising. however, it was my wakeup call.  it made me realised life's too unpredictable, life's too short.  spending a decade of my life working in the stressful business world was draining me. i call it quit.

i plucked the courage to tender my resignation, saying goodbye to my monthly stable income, farewell to my yearly dividend.  of course, i wanna thank my dear hubby and family who supported my decision.  since i missed a big part of my son's growing up as i spend most of my time working, now i feel great being able to grow with my cheeky little ones and spending most of my time nurturing them. nonetheless, given the time to do things i enjoy is a bonus. i started golfing again, yoga and even aerial classes. in fact, my life is even busier now!

just then, my sis asked me why don't i consider doing makeup full-time since i've been doing it as a sideline?

picking up the brushes was another milestone yet i never looked back. career switch to working passion is not easy, it takes a lot of hardwork, effort, money and perseverance... but it's definitely worth it if it works. for me, being a makeup artist is a true joy. im thankful that my makeup journey was much blessed, meeting gorgeous people who appreciate my work, sharing happy moments of their life.  frankly, i dont earn as much as before but im so much happier.  
sometimes, life is what you want in life - i choose a happier route.

hope one day, you will too :)

anyways if u were wondering why i didnt blog for quite awhile:- my hard disk which contains all my pics CRASHED.  yes, it's devastating for me cuz' ive so many things wanting to share! sighs.  so here i am, penning down my random thots using my mobile and the small fonts are making my eyes ultimate fuzzy. @.@

here's my lil ones greeting good nite~
♡ candy t. ♡ 

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