Tuesday, March 18, 2014

{ wedding moments } adriel + corrine

i enjoy being a makeup artist as im blessed to have the privilege to share happy moments with many gorgeous couples... especially the witty double - adriel and corrine.

contrary from her reticent petite appearance, corrine is an amiable woman with great sense of humor. i enjoyed chatting with her during our makeover sessions or even after, sharing much of our interesting life stories and everything else. 

on corrine's wedding morning, i gave her the natural nude-look enhancing her eye features with earth tone colours and soft french plaited french twist hairdo to compliment her look and outfit. 

i like the candid pic of adriel and corrine strolling by the back lane in her traditional wedding gown, so cute!  
matches the sign - no parking, juz walking. hurhur~

adriel and corrine makes a great pair, both with much positive vibes~ oh, did i mentioned adriel is as humorous as you may imagine. talking to them is crazy but awesome. lol. they are just like what you seen it the pics, slightly zany at times but very much lurve-able most of the time.

{ solemnisation } i gave corrine a slightly smokey eyes and side curls, plaited hairdo to compliment her lurvely white victorian gown. below - tat's adriel and corrine, smiling most of the time :)

may i introduce mr. quek, corrine's daddy, truly, the important man in corrine's life. i felt heaps of happiness for her to see her dad walking her down the aisle, "it's so much more than words could tell"

{ adriel and corrine's second march-in } 
i gave corrine a dark purple smokey eyes with french updo, matching hair accessories are corrine's own :)

adriel and corrine giving their first words on stage, picture perfect. 
a pity that i missed that very moment. 
perhaps i know i'll cry tear somehow... right, corrine?

thank you to Adriel & Corrine for sharing these lurvely pics and the <3 <3 <3 note...

"Can never Thank you enough for making me look good on my special day! It was amazing how you did wonders to my single eye-lid droopy eyes and totally loved the 3 hairdos you did for me to give me a different look. For someone whom I only got to know during a trial session, you tear with me like a sister when my parents covered the veil for me. Besides the many great compliments I received from friends and relatives on how natural my makeup look, I am glad to have known you and to earn a friendship that is for keeps. Thank you, babe!"

dearest adriel and corrine,

"it feels different being ur makeup artist on your very special day, maybe it's the first time i tear when the bride gets veiled. it felt different sharing your moments. above all, a friendship so true even after, thank you for keeping ur footprints in my life. both adriel and you are fabulous pair of fun and witty couple and im sure nothing gonna change in the many years to come. stay awesome! as whole new chapter begins, may you hold hand in hand and walk the walk like your parents did, amazingly."

l u r v e s,
Candy T.

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