Tuesday, June 26, 2012

m a k e o v e r . the photographer

an extreme random act while waiting for client to turn up. lol
below is conny, a super spontaneous photographer from studio-hub :)
randomly, i decided to make her up in between our waiting time 
and... i rate her makeover 'challenging' hehe
well, b'cuz of her super duper inner double-eye lids!!

in fact i like her plain jane look as i rarely see her in makeup...
now, im gonna super transform her with 
lots of double-eye lid tapes, shape her brows and gyaru makeup!!


this is what i meant by transformation!
i tink im obsessed in extreme makeovers... *lol*
but dun you tink she look so kawaii and pretty after makeover?!
and i made her eyes bigger prettier! hehehe
below is a pic i grab from their dsl, taken by conny's hubby ^.^*

hmm... and so randomly, the rocker's makeover. haha
conny is so cute cuz' she'll just sit there and let me do the makeup 
without even asking what type of look im doing for her.
hurhur... very trusting, i like!

didn't realised she suits cool, rock type of makeover too. lol
cuz' in real life she's so bubbly and is forever jumping around!

here's patrick, conny's very sporting hubby, taking pics of her
while i snap snap snap with my iapple behind him. hahaha

they are one of those craziest and fun photographers i worked with
and they are people who filled my working hours with much joy and laughter!

last but not least, a big smile from me and zann 
~ my makeup buddy of the day ~

i think next time i shall try extreme makeover for myself. lol
what type of makeup do you think you would wanna see me in...?

lurves, candy t.

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