Saturday, June 23, 2012

all about candy t. and her makeup!

hello everybody ^.^
here's a list of updates since i had not updating for a long long while... 
may & june had been very very busy months for me... so pardon me! *hehe*
herein, some of the beautifully interesting people i made up for recently.

and let's begin with happy things beyond my brushes :)

[ travel . bali ]

you wouldn't believe it, that's me yoga-ing in bali, by the sea.

and tis pic came from my iphone... omg rite?!

bali was amazingly beautiful~
 for you, who had not been to bali, you gotta be there.
and yes, club med too! *no joke*

club med is just a crazily fantastic resort!
everyting is taken care of by club med from a - z.
aside from the serenity by the sea, lotsa fun programme lined up for us daily.
if i were to describe club med in details i would probably take 3 long page. lol
if you wanna know more, do read on their website!

what i lurve most? the sunset, laughter and
sharing happy moments with my beloved ones  :)


[ candy . brushes . beautiful people ]

met four lovely ladies working in NUH  :)
my first makeover with nurses too. hehe
they are attending their doctor's wedding lunch
and i was honored to be engaged by them for their makeover
they are not just people with beautiful faces but also beautiful from within.

so here's the before and after makeover :)
lee ser, gyaru makeover for the sweet doll-like lady~

si hui, smokey-eye makeover for the charismatic lady~

wendy, nude-look makeover for the jovial gal

 angie, natural makeover for the hot mama

 we had a fun-filled morning yakking all the girly stuffs~ lol
appreciated the 'thank you' sms-es and hope to see you pretty ladies again!


m a k e o v e r . e i l e e n

eileen engaged me for a makeover session as  she's attending her fren's wedding
and it's a wedding by-the-sea... *so romantic*
- it makes me think of the past where i wish to had one by the sea too,
but it never happen... zzz -

anyways, since it's a morning event and she's going to the beach
im giving her a natural nude makeup, and this is her!

eileen is not just pretty but she's so so so sweet... 
she even surprise me with my fave drink in the morning~
*which i only randomly mentioned in our conversation*
thank you! <3


s t a g e . m a  k e o v e r

have i told you creative makeup is one of my favourite?
 ehemm, im flaunting my skills again. lol, just kidding.
anyways, here's eunice and lydia in angelic white theme makeup :)

for the other event, the theme was sound of asia and makeover for four aerialists.
so, i gave suzie wong and alex theme of india as requested by suzie  :)
initially i was kinda skeptical for chinese in totally indian makeover
but it turns out picture perfect~ hurhur

and for the other pair, suzie wanted something different from the first pair.
so in contrast, i thot of giving celeste and lydia a more subtle yet sophisticated makeover
and randomly, i it did this... nice rite?! *wink wink*

lurve to see them flying once again.
till i see u at the next show~


o u t d o o r . p h o t o s h o o t

botanical garden | blogshop~ swivelle
the location is one of my fave place, thou im not there so often lol.

we did the makeup at a nice cafe - food for thought.
~ great for a sunday hangout

i was told that they are doing a summer launch,
so i had an idea to give zee, a kawaii look!
ok, here's cutesy zee before makeup :)


after the makeover i thot zee looks kinda jap-eurasian, eh? :)

so here's some sneak preview makeover pics of the zee for swivelle
some from my iapple and some compliments from swivelle :)
do check out swivelle summer series launching real soon~

we ended the day with a big smile on camera :)

and a sweet sweet smile from zee and me!

finally updated some of the interesting events! hehehe
too long list to write up all updates here so please visit my facebook page 
to view most of the other makeovers pics which are not posted here :)

remember to 'like' my page if you like my works! ^.^

with lurves,
c a n d y   t .

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