Tuesday, January 20, 2015

brand new year 2 0 1 5

dear friends, thank you for the wonderful two.zero.one.four.! 
it had been amazing cuz' u had been part of it.  im thankful for everyone and my lurve ones be in their pinkest health, 2014 had been full of laughter and happy memories. thank you for everyone of u who wished my family and me well~ i truely appreciate the thots :)  candy wishes you a better year in 2015, may you be showered with happiness, pinkest health and prosperous wealth! 

nonetheless, a big THANK YOU to all the brides... for sharing their blissful moments with me on their wedding day~ indeed, im very honored to be your wedding makeup artist and thank you very much for sharing your joy with me, permitted my footprint in ur life story, appreciating my work and effort, sending me sweetest thank you card & gift, and above all, ur faith in me. thank you for the beautiful memoir, it's definitely priceless.

~sharing my beautiful brides of two.zero.one.four :)

"to everyone who's reading this post, thank you for walking along with me... ive enjoyed your company, truly. "

thoughts and lurves heaps,
candy t.

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