Monday, March 17, 2014

{ beauty } bella box

a parcel (bella box) came to my door when I didn't order, only to realise tat it's auto-reorder when I signed up for the first. nvm, the first order of bella box wasn't spectacular so I wasn't expecting much tis time round too. surprisely, it was much better than the first.

tis came with jill lowe concealer, loreal shampoo, natural alternative soap bar, nailart sticker, laneige white plus renew original essence and lac taut collagen series.

the LAC Taut collagen series which includes a facial mask, facial essence serum, white supplement and a bottle of 13,000mg collagen drink. yup, 13,000mg plus placenta in it hurhur~ tried and tested, the taut collagen drink tasted juz like concentrated orange juice thou' it smells really weird - ain't hard to get it down the throat thou hurhur~ tried the mask too, not bad as well, skin feels hydrated and radiant the next day. just in case u're keen too, gnc carries LAC Taut products and bella box cost 20 bucks every month/parcel, u can easily order it online :)

im still figuring out how to cancel the auto-reorder thingy or perhaps I shall wait and see what's in the next bella box? hurhur~ 

oh, greetings on the first blog post thru blogger apps on my mobile ^.^ hope it all looks well online hehehe have a great monday peeps! start the day with an awesome smile!
♡ candy t. 

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