Wednesday, September 12, 2012 --- mac allover brushes and lip glass

okay, i know i did it again. 
but you tell me... how to resist MAC limited edition brushes --- allover by julie verhoeven?!! ^.* even my baby gal lurves it! hehehe

hurhur... by natural instinct, my baby gal took the brush set whilst i was taking picture of it and started opening it, bringing out the brushes and dusting it on her face o.O *in the genes lah* lolx she's sooooooo adorable eh! ^-^ i couldn't stop laughing while taking her pic~~ too bad the pic was a little blur!

i kinda like the case design much, probably cuz' of the abstract drawing with vibrant colours and of course, the five awesome essential brushes~ definitely a pack-and-go handy brush set :) 

product rating --- 9/10
stylish, soft brush, easy to blend, compact and handy.
price tag --- $110
to possess this limited edition set of MAC brushes will cost you S$110, available at various MAC counters and while stock last. well, so worth it right? i last bought my standalone MAC brushes price range from S$70 onwards *pout*


confess. aside the mac brush set, i bought many other stuffs... o.O
one of them includes the new range of lip gloss -- lustreglass and dazzleglass

the texture slightly more heavy as it suppose to give a glossier lip look and with the underlining shimmer glitters, the lip sparkled to limelight once applied~  so, one more lip collection added to my makeup pouch :) 

oh me, im wearing dazzleglass pink!

product rating --- 8/10
price tag ---  lustreglass $28  |  dazzleglass $35

good makeup starts from right products - candy t.

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