Friday, April 6, 2012

creative makeup

there's always something so special about stage performers' makeover.
probably b'cuz makeup artist like us get to flaunt a little creativity 
with more vibrant and loud eye colours
and, i enjoy makeup moments with jovial ones :)

these are the fantastic aerialists and champagne aerialists

this was a show for axa's d&d in march at shangrila hotel.
i gave the aerialist a romantic purplish eye makeup to suit the theme  <3

 ain't they like angels when the fly like 6m off the ground?

 red, hot and sexy. the ladies fly at club avalon for bosch event.
damn cool ain't it?!

and at avalon during makeup, we get the city view across home river.
nevertheless, nice background pic taken by the bay... 
but compromised by our mobile phone's resolution :(

these performers from acro polates are not just hot,
but they can pole anywhere and every where...
this is the spirit of acro, no one poles like acro does :)

pose one - alex's shoulder mount

pose two - lydia's 'butterfly'

pose three - suzie's champion plank high midway!!

this is what i meant ~ simply pole-ing inside club avalon by the window bay!
everyone's astonished *lol*  

then, was ocbc's event at capella for the champagne aerialists :)
 hmm... this event is quite interesting
as the client required an angelic makeup for both the aerialists 
and had requested a specific makeup look. *test my skill right?? lol*

so this was the required look!
ahemm... so below is what i did for them ^-^

showing you backstage team and performers!
this is me with the aerialist at the performer's resting room
hurhur fun people like us camwhoring, playing mobile and even taking beauty nap *wink*

the performer's resting room provided by capella hotel... two thumbs up!
so far capella's 'performers room' is the best - nice resting sofas,
comfortable couch with 46" cable tv and a changing room!
*as good as a hotel room right?!*

even the simple dinner with compliments is two thumbs up too :)
*envy us hehe*

 ta-dang! alexandra and adeline, the beautiful 'champagne angels' of the night!

 lurve to see them gracefully posed on hoop~

we ended the night at capella's bob's bar with a couple of drinks.
awesome place!

well, $24++ for a lychee martini
i thought the money was well spent for the relaxing ambiance 
and especially after a long day work  :)

cheers to all my readers out there!

and cheers to the awesome aerialists!

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