Thursday, February 16, 2012

rom and evening dress for sale!

hello pretty babes!
im launching a few series of
rom dresses and evening dresses~ 
some of the design are sold at retail
range from $150 - $200...!

so grab your great buy from me~
P.S: each comes in limited pieces :)
S$80 size:S/M

S$80 size:free

S$70 size:S/M

S$80 size:S/M/L

S$70 size:S/M/L

S$90 size:free

S$90 size:free

S$90 size:free
this is my first time selling dresses 
thru blog hope you pardon the simplicity
displayed in the photos eh!

sms or wasapp me at 83809922 to purchase~
normal postage are inclusive :)

and yes, thanks yiting for modeling!


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