Monday, January 28, 2013 --- de perfect salon

the other time i went de perfect beauty salon to do my eyelash extension and im rather pleased with their service hurhur~  this time round i revisited their shop and my eyelash extension was done quite quickly by ivy lee, remove and extend, only one hour.

ivy brought the me to another shop next door then i realised that aside eyelash extension they had a long list of services :) nice. wigs is one of them so cute!

 another thing that interests me - hair extension. i saw this lady doing her extension her hair was blonde and she did a red hair extension, i thot it might look kinda weird but surprisingly after done the hair looks quite natural.

 quite nicely done rite?! hurhur >.<
 the price are quite reasonable, $1 per strand.

 that's my friend's aunty, i brought her there for eyebrow embroidery service since she's been longing for it. hehe. cost her $280 for her eyebrow nicely done :) anyways, heard from the boss the charge range between $180 - $380 depending on the amount of work done.

 this is the end result from the eyebrow embroidery done by ivy. it looks quite natural as if there are more strands of hair than the entire patch of tattoo ^.^

i did a natural eyelash extension and im so used me having eyelashes so guess i'll keep visiting them lol. each eyelash extension session will cost $60 but can have a touch-up session at $10 only. therefore, quite worth it after all :)

ivy and me

look for ivy the next time you visit their shop and im pretty sure you be happy with their service too!  visit them and make yourself pretty pretty during cny~

gong hei fa choi,
candy t.

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