Wednesday, September 19, 2012 --- shu gold edition curler and lancome mascara

hmm... again, here's my new loot~ *guilty*
i bought the Shu Uemura gold edition eyelash curler and i lurve it to the max! the definition of the curler's contour fits my little eyes and lashes perfectly. *hehe*

product rating --- 9/10
price tag --- $32

another new toy, Lancome L'Extreme waterproof mascara. ^.^

 the brush is easy to apply, lashes were evenly coated and the brushes manage to separate the lashes neatly instead of lumping majority lashes together.

here's the look after one layer of mascara applied on :))
i like the natural effect of the mascara on my super short lashes! hurhur~

product rating --- 8/10
price tag --- forgotten

<3 candy t.

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