Wednesday, September 26, 2012 --- garde nails

finally got time to doll up my nails! *phew*
this month is so busy all appointments back to back... need to pamper myself! ^.^ 
so randomly i went to this manicure shop -- GardeNails to do my gel nails~

i lurve the shop the moment i stepped in... it's my fave victorian style!! *hurhur thumbs up* i find the place nice and cozy.  importantly, the pedicure sofa  is clean and comfortable for me to take a nap! =p

 i know it's kinda weird to post this lamp, but i lurve it soooo much that i wanted to bring it home. since i cant, i'll juz post for eye pleasure. lol. ehemm, anyways, hope the lady boss see this post hehehe *grinz*

even the manicure station is also fully decorated in victorian style, so nice rite!

 choosing my nailart while joanne is fixing my devastating nails and sole. they got so many nailarts... so as a woman, i want everything. hahaha~ choosing nailarts definitely making my eyes even more groggy *lol*

 anyways i got more time to spend deciding on my nailart cuz' i still gotta indulge in the crystal mud spa.  BUT the problem is, they got so many type of mud spa to choose from... im woman! i want milk, i want lavendar, i want ginseng... omg. okay, think straight, they can only do one. SO decide - Lavendar.

 this mud spa so amazing ---  she dump so powdery thingy into the water and gradually the water turn into thick mud-like substance! to remove, she again dump some powdery substance into the mud and it turns water. *wow* or is it me mountain turtle? lol
mal the pretty ladyboss

both malgalei and joanne are so nice, they are gentle and meticulous... and they really spend time to understand my requirements before working on and even willing to do a very random nailart for me.  *hahaha* cuz' in the end i choose nothing from the nailart menu -.-"

guess what, hello kitty!

for my hands i wanted simple french with bling so malgalei did this for me <3 lurve it! 

service rating --- 9/10
 make your appointment early as their appointments usually quite full :))

Garde Nails @ Palm Garden
6310 2669 / 9851 7141

<3 candy t.

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