Friday, August 24, 2012

wedding -- josephine and junjie

josephine and junjie is a very unique pair of couple, they are both sailor! not really sailor that transport goods lol. but sailor that protects our nation :) the boyish looking junjie is a submariner and the demure looking josephine is a ship captain! don't play play (*o*)!!

josephine engaged me as her full day makeup artist as well as makeup for her mum and little sis. the above is her morning makeover, i gave her a very natural makeup as requested by junjie. cuz' junjie wants to see the very natural her :) so sweet!

so nothing too much on her eyes, perfect conceal on her face, enhance her eyes and her double eyelids ^.^ here's the beauty-licious josephine <3

okay, this is the very cute big trolley as the wedding car! so interesting~

the couple held their wedding dinner at amara sanctuary resort sentosa... their villa room is so beautiful and it comes with a private pool :) romantic dip hurhur~

josephine and junjie is such a dearly couple, they even invite me to attend their solemnisation and so i did! i even tear when they exchange their vows in their own words... the moment was so amazing when the couple promised to share the rest of their life together and never apart!

they even insist that i join them for the wedding dinner while waiting for her 2nd march-in makeover... this is the second time i was brought to the dinner to share their joy, im sooooo touch cuz' i felt so much appreciated  ^.^  usually the makeup artist awaits alone in the changing room or go for her own dinner while waiting for the bride to return for her second makeover. xoxo anyways, the dinner was fantastic and so interesting... josephine was almost drunk when it's time for her makeover. you can imaging how interesting the dinner programme was *wink wink*

im glad to have meet another awesome couple who treated me more like a friend than just a makeup artist! :)

dear josephine and junjie,
"may the future continues to bring you guys surprise and may your lurve be like the sea you travels - eternity <3 also a big thank you for being such a dear inviting me to share your special day with!"

blessings with lurves,
c a n d y  t .


  1. gorgeous photos!!! love the trolley... hehe :)

  2. yeah :) the trolley is so cute! how i wish to have that for my wedding too lol