Tuesday, August 7, 2012

pre-wedding --- cindy and byron

met this fantastic pair of couple who dated almost a decade before tying knot and live together forever and after! cindy had such a bubbly personality and we hit off so well!  being her makeup artist is so enjoyable cuz the whole session is not just about makeup, we just cant stop talking about all the girly stuffs *wink wink* 

the above is cindy before her makeover and as she has got very sensitive skin so she doesnt puts on makeup at all.  for her pre-wedding makeover, she emphasize on having the most natural makeup for her :))  cuz' her hubby likes the natural her too~ *so sweet*

this is the cute cindy -- makeup in the progress ^.^
"cin, i cant help but post this pic cuz' you look so cute!! *kekeke hugs*"

here's some of the pre-wedding photographs of beautiful cindy and her doting hubby-to-be, byron~  i must thank cindy for sharing her beautiful pictures with us!

 dear cindy,
"you're one of the most cheerful bride-to-be i've met! it's nice meeting you and byron, such a lurvely couple ;)  look forward to see you on your solemnization and actual day soon~ "

many thots and lurves,
candy t.

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