Saturday, July 14, 2012

t g i f . pretty nails

tgif everyone~

finally a work-free friday for me :) enjoying the whole week with my schedules packed back-to-back *hurhur* busy, but definitely enjoying! i'll be posting pics of the nice works as soon as i upload from my overhaul camera! :p

since i got a little free time today, i decided to pamper myself a little! so i went to my usual tcm massage at annie thiang sin-seh and to jude's place for manicure *so happy*

most of the time i get my pretty nails done by jude cuz her designs are nice, reasonable price and it's so convenient for me as she stays in tampines! ;) usually i'll get pink nails cuz im such a pink n black person *hurhur* but today i requested a purplish gel nailart from jude *vain vain* and she did the lurvely nails for me. see the pic, nice rite?!!

if you're interested u can call JUDE at 97774677 to book an appointment!

as for people who has serious shoulder n back problem, do visit annie thiang sin-seh at the odeon katong :) thou expensive session as compared to market rate but worth the dollars. my usual session is done by masseur Aida, skilled n experienced. can look up to her if u're there ;)

oh, btw rem to call for appt 63446316 as their appt usual quite full.

it's nw time for my sweet dreams *yawns* n im glad tat im making good use of the blogger mobile apps. nitey mates!

<3 candy t.

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