Tuesday, November 15, 2011

event at beauty w/o boundary

i was being invited to this event with a group of makeup artist 
to makeover for the pretty 40s and beyond fashion event in m'sia

it's so true that beauty is without boundary.
regardless of age, agree?  =) 

the beauty-licious

can u believe they are all above 45yrs old? *hurhur*

below is one of the eldest granny i've makeover for... 76yrs old!
very challenging, but i was very happy with my work
cuz' she lurve the makeover!

the cute 70s granny

didn't manage to take all the makeover pictures
cuz' we were all hand-tight with the makeovers. ;(

candy me, jo, eva
u'll probably see em' during my shows or group makeover  (=
jo is my assistant and eva is my regular makeup 'kaki'

m o r e    u p d a t e s    c o m i n g  :-)

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