Sunday, October 16, 2011

behind the scene - with divian and jacqui

hello people! so sorry for the late updates on my blog 
as i am really occupied wif makeups and makeups appts!  =) 
didnt really have time to upload all the pictures but here's some of
the interesting events i did recently~

makeover jacqui t.
did a makeover for jaqui t. and divian n. from 98.7fm
and yes, they're sooooo cute!
jacqui's bubbly and friendly personality makes her so lovable.
did a smoky eyes for her and a pony-tail to suit her 
'secretary vs boss' photography session.

see... she's so cute!

and for divian, highlight on his mohawk hair =D
you'll lurve divian's fun-loving personality
i tink tat jacqui and divian pairs up as inevitable young dj
both wif good personalities and... hotties too! 

divian into mood~
* * * * *

together with eva.yeung and clive.ho (makeup artistes)
we were invited to makeover for the entertainment artistes 
hosting for far east organisation's event @ changi village hotel

makeup artist + singer + host
our mission: makeover 7 artistes in 2hrs (chop, chop, chop) ;p 
 me, did a dramatic stage makeup for the singer dressed in green dress 
 oh, by the way nov/dec slots are almost full...
pls double chk dates again okie :)

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